Patchnotes 4.0.56


  • Added Advanced Beginner Event (Login into website > User Panel > Partner Code: PERFECTSTART)
  • Added Hide & Show option for Fastbar
  • Added an option to hide Buffi Affect Icons
  • Added an option to Reset Settings to default
  • Added a System Message for new created Characters that inform you about the Chatblock and what you need to do to use the chat
  • Added a System Message that is informing Players a specific Potion has expired
  • Removed Mount Damage/Knockback in PvP situations in Map1/Map2
  • Negative HP will be displayed in Character Window on death
  • Issue related to Fishing
  • Issue related to World Boss & Dayemi Announcements not disappearing
  • Fishing and Mining dialogue will not load anymore if you already accepted the pop-up UI