Monthly Statement: January


Monthly Statement: January

At the end of December we have shared with you our vision on the January progress and focus. Now that it's been almost 2 months since the launch of Rubinum and one major thing that got to our understanding is how players nowadays want a project to be, what new mechanics should be involved and what kind of approaches need to be considered for a gameplay to be as enjoyable as possible. Working close with our community and team members has helped us to plan a roadmap that will redefine some aspects of the game according to the most requested needs, which I will speak about at the end of the statement.

Going back to the beginning of January, we have promised that we will spend a big portion of time on fixing the most irritating client issues. The runtime error and blackscreen were some of them that caused a lot of trouble but after spending enough resources and time we have fixed both of them. There were also non visible background changes that we applied to ensure a better stability and integrity on both client and server. Although the biggest problems were fixed, we will still consider working on client and server to improve them as much as possible.

Another topic that was mentioned at the beginning of January was a Wikipedia Update. We have finished big guides that will help everyone. I talk about Level 1 - 75 Guide, Level 75 - 90 Guide, Level 90 - 105 Guide and Level 105 - 120 Guide. Each of them contain every current aspect of the game that can be achieved and with detailed guiding of helping players getting through Dungeons, Farmspots, Systems, Bonuses, Equipment and basically everything. A landing page was also created that will be prompted everytime when you open the Wikipedia, containing the Guides and Hotkeys that are available on our server. We are planning on extending Wikipedia still, as it will be one of our biggest marathon.

Before getting into the future plans part, I want to conclude with the fact that January was a great month that got us closer to the community and which also brought what we planned, including the Vote4Buff, the new Bonus Board, Personal Stats and patches that were a success.

Future Plans

We have a lot on our planning and we are happy to share some with you. For February, first of all, the Valentine's Event is under development and its' concept will have some new mechanics that we hope you will like. The Event is expected to arrive before 14th, so stay around.

We have planned a complete revamp of Low Level that will be very intuitive for new players and with more incentives that we hope to make the game more enjoyable. To be more specific, we want to work more on the side of discovering our server and helping new players understanding what they need to do through some new quests and Wikipedia. On top of this, you can expect also some changes with a better low level concept behind.

Don't worry, we also got the back of the current players. we know that most of you have progressed a lot and almost finished everything, therefore, expect new and exclusive content. We want to make also the high level more attractive and less linear, expect to have an expansion of current systems, new Dungeons, further rebalancing of the game and many more.